Family history of William Higginbotham

Family history of William Higginbotham

Personal Immediate history.

My name is William Anthony Marie Higginbotham and I am working with my aunt, Racheal Olson-Jones to catalogue and present our family history. I am a disabled veteran, father, writer, brother, uncle and great uncle, son and dreamer. I was born Febuary 3rd of 1974 at 6.15 in the morning in Franklin Va. My parents are Patrick Anthony Higginbotham and Barbara Ann Brenneman Self Higginbotham. My brothers are Gene L. Self, Jon Joseph Self, Patrick Anthony Higginbotham Jr and Nelson Lee Lynch. My sisters are Pamela Faith Self Rodan, Patrica Hope Self Snyder (twins), Barbara Ann Higginbotham Mills, Elise (Besty) Elizabeth Higginbotham Prince and Charity Lynn Higginbotham Moran.  I was married to Laurie Liegh Frye Higginbotham and with her had Sarrah Marie Higginbotham at 12.14 am 26 September 1995 at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth Virginia. My other daughter is Theresa Marie Brick Higginbotham, whose mother is Kimberly Ann Brick Noggle. Theresa was born on August 11th of 2001 at Chesapeake Memorial Hopital in Chesapeake Virgina.

Patrick Anthony Higginbotham

My father, Patrick Anthony Higginbotham, was born to John Higginbotham and Sarah Elizabeth Walker Higginbotham in Greensboro NC. Michael  Higginbotham and Johnny Higginbotham Domingo were his brother and sister.

Higginbotham Family Coat of Arms

The Higginbotham Family is known to go back to well before the 1099 Battle of Hastings.  Ther originated in Chesire England.

Barbra Ann Brenaman Self Higginbotham

My mother was born, Barbra Ann Brenaman, on April 3, 1939, d. September 3, 2002) to William Floyd Brenaman (b. August 27, 1915, d. January 15, 1964) and Elsie Gertrude Castine Brenaman (b. January 1, 1915, d. July 22, 1988). Her brothers and sisters are; William Floyd Brenaman Jr, Millard S. Brenaman, Herbert Francis Brenaman, Walter Hugh Brenaman, Rose Shea, Mary Riley, Dee Furguson, Racheal Theresa Olson Jones (b. Febuary 12, 1934) and Margeret Garcia.

My family history home page.

This is my first exploratory attempt at compiling my family history.  I really have no idea what I am doing and certainly don't have all the information I need.  If you have comments, suggestions and/or information to add, please email me at the below link.